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Steel Doors are the new trend that increases the security of your buildings. Smart Steel Door (Pvt.) Ltd. is ready make this trend reachable to you.

There are many reasons to use Steel Doors over traditional wooden doors.
Following are a few:

  • Wooden doors decay, but Steel Doors don’t decay and they keep their strength.
  • Maximum thickness of a wooden door is about 25 mm, where Steel Doors are 40 mm thick.
  • Paint coatings of wooden doors flake aways easily, but Steel Doors painted with durable paints.
  • Steel Doors won’t let cold escape from cold storages, but wooden doors can’t hold cold.
  • When used in radiology rooms, Steel Doors won’t let X-Rays to escape. Wooden doors can’t hold X-Rays.

Apart from that,

  • Wooden doors don’t stand hard climate conditions.
  • Wooden doors are hard to maintain.
  • Wooden doors are not fire-proof.

Following are few reasons to choose Smart Steel Door (Pvt.) Ltd. to buy Steel Doors from:

  • Smart Steel Door (Pvt.) Ltd. manufactures Steel Doors in Sri Lanka for the first time.
  • Manufactured completely using modern Korean technology.
  • Stainless steel sheets are used for manufacturing doors.
  • All parts are imported from Korea.
  • Modern technologies are used to paint doors and door frames.
  • Can manufacture any number of doors in any color you need, and the ability to fix easily.
  • Strength.
  • Higher in quality than doors manufactured by other companies.
  • Can hold heat and cold.
  • Can manufacture doors with lead layer to prevent X-Rays from escaping.
  • Can stand up to 800 °C heat.
  • Saves forests because steel is an alternative to wood.
  • Manufactured environmental friendly.
  • Can prevent fires from spreading.
  • Security systems can be fixed easily avoid burglers.

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